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Book workplace

You don't need a booking for smaller activities. There is usually enough space for everyone.

If you want to do a concentrated 3-day action, for example, you could reserve a workplace for safety:

Talk to Micha or Nils: via direct message in the Craftwerk chat.

Workbench booking

For smaller activities you do not need a booking. There is usually enough space for everyone.

If you wanna do a 3-day-in-a-row project you can book a workspace to be shure.

Talk to Micha or Nils: direct message in the Craftwerk Chat.

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The barrier has the telephone number 015224066095

WLAN for Members

Name: Craftwerk.Members

QR code: In workshop 1 there is a QR code under the wall board to scan with your smartphone camera.

Craftwerk Chat

Our internal chat runs in the Slack app

Install on smartphone:

install the APP 'Slack'.

apple: -> to the apple store
android: -> to the google store

Install the APP and follow the info


Workshop organisation


Work tables for long-term projects

  • For longer-term projects, you can occupy a work table in the mirror box if something is free. 
  • the surfaces of the tables must always be cleared so that others can also work
  • After the agreed time, the tables will be cleared and occupied again. 
  • Contact person: Micha, Nils or Cäthe

(((((( Waste oil )))))

  • We are happy to dispose of your used oil. Please fill your used oil into the barrel on the left in workshop 1 - and very important, ONLY OIL (engine/gearbox), no other used fluids.

    When the barrel is collected, the fluid is checked. Contamination by brake fluid/petrol means that it cannot be recycled.

    For this on-site service we charge 2,- / litre. Alternatively, you can return your used oil free of charge to the place where you bought it.


We put these at your disposal
  • Brake cleaner, penetrating oil, grease,
  • Copper paste,
  • Flex discs (small and large),
  • blue paper rolls,
  • Bolt assortment in the red tubs (rest privately, feel free to throw in your own bolts)
  • Sealing rings,
  • Split pins / permanent split pins
Storage parts that you can purchase from us.
  • Electrical assortment,
  • Stainless steel screws,
  • Sheet metal/round steel,
  • 3-D printer / printouts
Get it yourself:
  • WD40
  • Cleaning agent, polish,
  • Oils,
  • Model-specific special tool
  • Sandpaper
  • Cable tie
  • Metal drill
The community thrives on mutual support. Please bring from home:
  • rags (your old tshirts,ttl sheets etc)
3D printer

There is a 3-D printer in the office. Now practical things can be created, e.g. indicator brackets. The prints are charged according to consumables and at a fair price.

The contact person for this is Roman.

Harmony in the workshop

To make the Community Garage work for all of us, a few principles are essential. Please always leave your workspace clean and tidy so that the next person can work as well as you.

The Craftwerk is you and me and each of us is called upon to act on our own responsibility. Team Craftwerk does not want to act as the police 😉 but neither does it want to sweep up after you.

This means, for example
  • Unclamp the drill and sort it back,
  • Flex on the shelf
  • Batteries in the charging station
  • Stack slices,
  • Sweep away dirt and put rubbish in the bin....
Community Service

Affiliate programmes:
Each partner has its own ordering modalities, please read carefully

Suggest another partner?


A wide range of custom parts for your conversion project.
This is how it works: You received a code at check-in. Send it to and save 10-20 % on the normal price.
To the Kickstarter Shop


A wide range of custom parts for your conversion project.
This is how it works: There are two Louis loyalty cards in the office. You can use the card to buy or order at the counter in the Siegfriedstraße branch. Return the card to the office afterwards. Here, too, you save 10-20 % on the normal price.
To the Louis Shop


KEDO HAMBURG (Yamaha focus)
Focus on Yamaha and especially SR500. Among other things, Kedo also distributes all JvB-Moto custom kits.
This is how it works: Please send an email to the team at with the desired parts and article numbers. Here you get a discount of approx. 10%
to the KEDO Shop
Info about JvB-Moto


Calimoto App (Navigation)
Calimoto is a planning tool for tours, both in online and offline mode. The routes can be planned with different curves. Calimoto gives a 25 % discount on the first year's subscription.
This is how it works: Ask Cäthe for a code.
to the Calimoto website


HOOKIE - Attachments
This is how it works: Please address Max
to the website


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