DIY, Makerspace and Coworking

Often underestimated and criminally neglected:
The feeling of everything running as it should again in the end.

At Craftwerk we believe in learning by doing. Whether you prefer to work it out alone, do-it-yourself under guidance, or joining one of our workshops to learn more about your motorcycle, Craftwerk offers a place for it all. 

Workshops at Craftwerk

Learning in small groups on various topics. The workshops take place (increasingly in the winter season) on Sundays from 12-16 o'clock. Check out our calendar for upcoming sessions.

Good to know: workshop tickets can also be bought as a gift voucher. 

Metal Work and Welding [Beginners]

The basics of MAG shielded metal arc welding. We learn to cut, drill, deburr and bend metal, welding together the prepared parts. At the end of the workshop, each participant will go home with a finished object such as a helmet holder.

Metal Shaping [Beginners]

It starts with a shape pattern and cuttings of sheet metal plates. The desired volume of the shape is then achieved using an English wheel, sandbag and hammer.

Electric [Beginners]

Electric problems can drive even more experienced mechanics up the wall. With this basic course we will overcome your fear of contact and prepare you for your first self-assembled turn signals.

Custombike 101 [Presentation]

Which base is best suited for reconstruction? What about the TÜV (the German technical inspection agency)?

Motorcycle Basics [Beginners]

Keeping your motorcycle in check means checking battery, brake pads, tire tread depth, chain sag, brake and coolant, and chassis testing. This workshop provides a general introduction to the bike

Motogadget Special [Advanced]

Description will be added soon!

Check our calendar for all upcoming events

Book a Wingman

Do-it-yourself under expert guidance. If you're not sure how but eager to get started working on your bike, we suggest you book a wingman to watch your fingers. Book a time slot and let us know what you want to do. We bring the advice, you bring the bike, spare parts and material.

€80 / 4 hours

Book a Woodpecker
4 hours

Know how to do it all yourself? Book a Woodpecker session and get access to ramp and tools. Book a time slot, let us know what you plan to do and bring your bike, spare parts and material.


35 € / 4 hours

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