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Friday Sundowner

From 6 pm

Join us for an after-work beer (or soda)

espresso GT

4th Sunday of the month 9-11 am
Cars & Coffee is the most easy way of car meetup. Classic cars (up to 98 years old) of all kinds are welcome. Vintage cars, off-roaders, one-offs, sports cars, buggies. Espresso and croissants are served.

espresso TT

2nd Sunday of the month 9-11 am
Like espresso GT on two wheels. Classic Motorcycle Meetup /
Nice people only

MotoGP / all races

Attention: different starting times!

We start all races with the Beamer Warm-Up from 1 hour before ... at the start there will also be coffee specialities and cakes from the Cantina for you.

-' Here you can find the current dates for MotoGP 2021 



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