Craftwerk Community

Craftwerk.Berlin is a DIY motorbike community garage.

The Craftwerk Community was founded in a small garage in Kreuzberg, Berlin, and soon grew rapidly in numbers. Experience shows that sharing tools and space is worthwhile as it tends to create an interesting network of people with infinite ideas. Today, you can find Craftwerk on an industrial site in Lichtenberg. Our goal remains to build a strong community of members who support each other, share knowledge and train their craftsmanship. 

Tools, space and the all important network

Craftwerk is the perfect place for your motorcycle project. We provide professional tools, space, ramps and deals with several partners. No matter what kind of motorcycle you ride - be it a naked bike, flat tracker, cafe racer, chopper or supersport - our community and creative network are open to your ideas. 

During the winter months, we offer various technical workshops to help you learn more about your motorcycle. 

What happens next?

Friday Sundowner / from 6pm

Join us for an after-work beer (also non-alcoholic).


Our biggest (and somewhat childish) wish was to be able to ride a motorcycle straight to our desks. Some wishes do come true.

Our quiet shared office-space includes 12 desks, storage areas, Wi-Fi, printers, 3D printers, meeting- and cafe-areas. We also offer our multi-room, which can be booked for presentations, larger workshops or team meetings. 

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